The City has 12 areas designated as City parks. City parks are opened from dawn until dusk daily.

Scidmore Park- 112 Spring Street,  is located at the corner of West Michigan Avenue and Spring Street. There is a small zoo, sand volleyball area, basketball area, and playground equipment in the park. There are four park shelter areas that are available for public use. The park shelters can be rented for a certain event such as family reunions, weddings, receptions, etc. See Park Shelters for more information. The mission of the Scidmore Park Petting Zoo is to serve the community by creating a place for personal renewal and enjoyment through fostering the bond between visitors and animals using hands-on interaction; to serve our animal residents by ensuring their well-being through quality care, spacious enclosures, and frequent enrichment; and to serve wildlife conservation by teaching appreciation, understanding, and protection of all living things.

Memory Isle Park – 143 W. Michigan Avenue,  is behind City Hall and is located at the end of North Andrews Street, North Constantine Street, and along the West City parking lot on Railroad Drive. There is one park shelter, a play area, a walkway around the park connected by three bridges, basketball hoops, a skateboard area, and a sand volleyball area.

Conservation Park – 221 S. Main Street, is located off of South Main Street. This park is directly across the river from Scidmore Park. There is one park shelter, a boat launch area, and canoeing is available.
H. C. Gleason & L. C. Beal Park  – 1021 W. Broadway, is located on West Broadway by the water tower. This park consists of two baseball fields which are maintained by Little League Baseball and the Fraternal Order of Police #106. These fields are used for Little League Baseball; however, they are open at other times for public use.

Bowman Park  – 725 N. Main Street and Lafayette Park – 400 N. Main Street are green areas located along North Main Street.

Marina Park – 101 Jefferson Street,  which is located at the end of Jefferson Street has a boat launch and fishing area.

There are many other small parks in the City. If you would like more information please call Terri at (269) 273-1845.

The City maintains 7 shelters across three parks (Scidmore, Memory Isle, and Conservation). These park shelters can be reserved for $35. The City starts taking reservations at the beginning of each year. Park Shelter Reservation Forms can be found here, or at the Department of Public Services. Stop into DPS (1015 S Lincoln Ave) to make your reservations, or call for any questions and to find out when the shelters are available. (269) 273-1845.

Park Shelter Map

The City’s Adopt-A-Park program allows people to help in the maintenance of the City’s park system. We are fortunate to have people that are willing to plant flowers in and maintain the park areas. This is a great activity for youth groups, civic groups, and concerned citizens as it displays the pride we have in our community. For more information please call DPS at (269) 273-1845.